KOKO HARLEY Mask Collection Launch!

KOKO HARLEY Mask Collection Launch!

KOKO HARLEY has officially launched and we are excited about it!

KOKO HARLEY has been in the making since the end of 2019.  Our new clothing brand was in high gear to launch a clothing line in April, but planning came to a halt due to Covid-19.  With so much uncertainly and loss, I knew it was not the right time to launch the clothing line.  At the time, people were more focused on staying home, staying safe and staying alive.  I wanted to honor that and meet people where they were, I knew we needed to pivot.  The questions was, how can KOKO HARLEY pivot AND serve people during Covid-19? 

What about a Face Mask? Not just any face mask but a mask that will keep people safe.  A mask that will be fun AND stylish. And mask that will give you the flexibility to make it your own.   In my state of California, a mask is required to enter any business until a vaccine is available.  So needless to say, we will  be wearing mask for awhile. So with that, I begin working on a mask design that would be different, not your everyday mask but a mask that would be worn as the ultimate accessory.  Since the world is now slowly opening back up and many are going back to work, attending social events and traveling, I wanted to create a mask that was fashion forward and had the flexibility to be styled to your liking.  

And with that, we created the KOKO HARLEY Designer Collection Scarf Mask!



I am grateful for the opportunity to pivot.  We don't always know what the future holds but being able to shift and "surrender" to plans being adjusted is all part of the process. As a new designer, this pivot allowed me to stretch myself and create this mask!   

Join us in celebrating the launch of KOKO HARLEY!  The scarf mask are available now in different colors and prints that we know you're going to LOVE!  

Click here to shop the KOKO HARLEY Designer Collection Scarf Mask.  

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I have 2 of your scarves.. The Tri-color and the Hot Pink. I received so many compliments of how unique/ fashionable they are ♡♡♡

Suzette G. Allen

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