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Knit Scarf Mask Black
Knit Scarf Mask Black
Knit Scarf Mask Black

Knit Scarf Mask Black

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Mask and Scarf All in One to keep you safe and warm!

The KOKO HARLEY Designer Mask Collection is made for the fashion forward woman that wants to put a fashionable spend on wearing her mask.

  • Three-layered cotton mask with filter compartment for additional protection
  • Can be worn as a mask, scarf or belt
  • Our mask are designed to comfortably fit over the nose and mouth
  • Mask can be adjusted to provide the right comfort and style for you.  
  • Scarf length is 34 inches long on each side allowing you several creative options for styling  
  • Soft elastic designed to provide a more comfortable fit around the ears.
  • Mask is non-medical grade and breathable. 
  • Scarf Fabric: Woven Knit   Mask Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Hand Wash Only