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The Black Jacket Is a Whole Statement

The one thing every women needs in her closet is that "go to" statement jacket that will stop the show, turn heads and make people do a double take when they see it flow past.  The front, back and side view of this jacket all make a statement of their own.  



The versatility of this jacket make it perfect for any occasion.  You can wear this jacket with a dress, demin, pants, just remember to keep it simple and sophisticated.  The belt compliments the waistline perfectly giving you a nice fit and showing off your silhouette.


The way this jacket flows in the wind!  Wow!!  You are guaranteed to strut a little differently when you're rocking this jacket.  Just watch!




This amazing jacket is from J. Bolin and you can click here to add this piece to your wardrobe!  

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Happy Struttin' Ladies!

Dana Williams


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