How to Style Harem Pants


The harem pant has become increasingly popular and is now a go to for many fashionable women. This pant creates a relaxed yet chic and daring look to surely give you that bohemian hippie vibe. Once originally known as the harem skirt, the harem pant became a controversial way of introducing pants into the women’s wardrobe in the early 1900s. 




           Harem pant 

   Harem pants provides styling versatility.  We love the pulled drawstring feature that allows the pant length to be adjusted depending on how you're feeling on any particular day.  Did we mention this drop crotch harem pant has pockets?!  Oh Yeah!







Wrap Top

Pairing the harem pant to this wrap top adds sophistication to this ultra soft and comfortable set. The top ties are long and dramatic, allowing you to style it anyway you like!   Wrap around the waist or tie in the front or back.  The choice is yours!  Click here to see how to style this top!








 It’s a style that flows and flatters.
This harem pant set from KOKO Harley is a perfect boho look that provides the chic edge and sophistication you desire and deserve!

Click HERE to learn more about the KOKO HARLEY Moroccan Pant Set. 





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